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Stuttgart-born, Dubai-raised, Innsbruck-lived and London-based. MELINA is an upcoming soul-pop artist and songwriter. In 2017, she debuted her first featured singles "Crazy Without You" and "Hunter" with the producer J-MOX and released her first solo single 'Do It All For You' in summer 2018. The single went straight on to various international 'New Music Friday' Spotify playlists and promptly premiered on UK and international radio. Her newest single "Rush" was recently released  and anew got picked up by major Spotify playlists, like 'New Pop Revolution'.

Following her great passion for music, MELINA moved to London in fall 2015, after living in New York City for a few months. She spent a year gigging in Austria and Germany with several bands after finishing her A-levels. Presently, aside from finishing her (BA) Professional Musicianship degree at BIMM London, the 23-year-old is working with various producers from all around the globe and collaborating and writing, with and for young international artists. Amongst others, she recently worked with DJ's/producers from Ultra Music.


With influences such as Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, and Etta James, MELINA demonstrates her own passion and soul through her lyrics and distinctive, moving timbre of her voice.


The young artist is currently in the studio writing a collection of new songs to feature on an EP later this year and getting a few more singles ready before that too!

#staytuned #thebestisyettocome


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